We are from time to time able to offer third six month pupillages. 

Any enquiries about the possibility of undertaking a third six pupillage should be made in writing to our Chambers Director, Ann Langford, enclosing a copy of your CV.

Please note that, while we aim to acknowledge applications promptly, we may defer consideration of your application, or invite you to re-submit your application at a later date, so that it can be considered alongside other applications for a third six pupillage.



We are looking for candidates who have the set of abilities, personal skills and willingness to learn that will enable them to get the most out of our pupillage training programme and go on to enjoy successful careers as tenants in our Chambers.  Successful candidates for pupillage will therefore need to demonstrate:

  • Academic excellence;
  • Ability and appetite for intellectually challenging legal work;
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written;
  • Ability to reason and argue persuasively; and
  • Spirit and personality needed to succeed at the self-employed Bar.

Candidates invited to interview will usually have a First Class or good Upper Second Class honours degree (which need not be in Law).  In addition, non-law graduates should have obtained, or be expecting to obtain, at least a Commendation in the CPE/PgDL. 

However, in selecting candidates for interview, we also look beyond academic qualifications, to other evidence that a candidate has the skills and qualities we are looking for, and has a proven record of commitment, hard work and achievement.  Several members of Chambers have come to us after a previous career - for example, having previously worked as solicitors, academics or civil servants.  We do not have a mould that we are seeking to recruit pupils to fit into.  Rather, we look at each candidate on his or her merits, and believe that our selection process gives the best candidates a chance to shine.  We are not interested in what you already know, but whether you have the potential to be a successful barrister in our areas of law.